""We love experimenting with forms through sketches and collages in notebooks, which eventually lead to cardboard models and then wooden prototypes. We think about how a child would assemble our toys, which brings an educational value to the process of playing. Finally, we work on the colors, which is a fundamental focus of our work; we believe that the combination of form and color is a strong stimulus for children’s imaginations."— Athina and Jose

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"My work is glamorous, romantic, and nostalgic. I use mixed materials to transform stories into small objects that adorn, identify and relate what you wear with what’s in your heart. I’m inspired by the soul, the spirit, nature, green hues, all kinds of flowers, searching for freedom, wood textures, imperfect aesthetics, Mexico, tribal cultures, exotic garments and the deepness of the sea. All of these influences mix to create unique pieces with a strong concept." — Elsa

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